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An Evidence-Based Approach to Advanced Migraine Treatment for RMTs

Next Date: Nov 20-21 2021

Lymph Balance Centre, Calgary AB

Are you ready to elevate your treatment of headache conditions?

Advancements have been made in the field of migraine care! Don’t be left behind - ensure your patients are receiving the best treatment possible by learning a neurological and biopsychosocial approach to one of the most common conditions seen by RMTs.

This two-day course offers a comprehensive overview of headache classifications, clarifies how to distinguish a migraine condition by using a thorough intake process and identifies contraindications and red flags to ensure a safe practice. Common medications, comorbid illnesses associated with migraine, triggers, symptoms, common misdiagnosis and mistreatment of migraine disease will be covered in-depth in a lecture format. Treatment considerations by age group will be discussed with an emphasis on pediatric and end of life care. Review of common misconceptions around migraine and myths will be openly discussed by the class, with latest research and practices being presented so therapists can leave feeling confident in their knowledge and communication skills. A large portion of hands-on learning will include intake skills, clinical impression determination, palpation skills specific to migraine disease, treatment techniques and therapeutic exercises. Be prepared to immediately elevate your skills as a massage therapist to treat specific migraine conditions – your patients deserve more than a general headache treatment!

MTAA 18 credits

CMMOTA 16 credits

NHPC 18 credits




Location: Lymph Balance Centre, Calgary

Aromatherapy 101 for RMT’s is an evidence based course dedicated to providing massage therapists with research driven learning to safely and effectively incorporate aromatherapy into their treatments. Students will be taught a thorough introduction into essential oils, the science behind oils in general (as well as specific common oils) and how they affect both the CNS and SNS. Contraindications, considerations and cautions will be covered in an in-depth manner, from basic safety to pathology specific alerts. Scope of practice for each association will be presented to clarify the use of oils in practice. Each trimester of pregnancy will be covered in this course, with a breakdown of which oils are safe to be added to a pre-natal massage. Contraindications specific to pregnancy related pathologies will be addressed, in addition to the ability to safely incorporate aromatherapy into pediatric massage. Students will learn a variety of ways oils can be added to their treatments, with practical application and partner work. Upon completion, students will safely be able to incorporate aromatherapy into their treatments, have a sound knowledge base for client education and be able to distinguish contraindications related to aromatherapy.