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Top 5 Treatment Types at Same Stars

Have you been missing your regular massage treatments lately? Here's a round up of our favourite therapies to refresh your memory!

Each year we add to our skillsets, toolboxes and knowledge to make sure you are given the best and most effective care!

Feel and Function

01. Cupping

You've probably seen the marks on your friends, a bit pink or purplish in colour; looks pretty painful, right? It's not! When done correctly, cupping should be comfortable and effective. The suction brings blood to the area, while the movement can help increase tissue mobility!

Make it Last

02. Physitrack

We're making it easier for you to stay on top of your rehab program! Our therapists will create you a home care regime and send it to you via email. You'll never forget your exercises as you'll have the videos at your fingertips!

Don't Forget the Kids

03. Pediatric Care

We are proud to be the leader in Pediatric Massage Therapy in Calgary. From sports injuries to cerebral palsy, post-surgery care to relaxation, we are ready to treat your children with the specialized care they deserve!

Here When You Need Us Most

04. Oncology Care

No matter what stage of cancer treatment you may be in - we are here to help. We are able to care for you from the initial diagnosis to post-surgery, throughout treatments and beyond. Our RMTs are trained in both adult and pediatric oncology care - please reach out if you have any questions; we are here to support you.

Bringing a Little One Into the World?

03. Prenatal

A pregnancy during COVID can be stressful, and venturing out for yet another appointment can add to that stress. Let us come to you and make sure you are as pain-free and comfortable as possible throughout your entire pregnancy.


Looking for the BEST gift ever?

You can't go wrong with gifting one of these amazing treatments.

We offer Gift Cards for both 60 and 90 Minute Mobile Treatments!

Click here to head to our store and grab yours today!

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When you're ready to take care of yourself, we will be here. See you soon

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