Little People Need Massage Too!

No matter what the age, the body can hurt.  The brain can be stressed.  Pediatric massage can be helpful for children with a wide range of symptoms; including musckuloskeletal injuries from sports, anxiety and depression as well as injury rehabilitation.   Starting your child on a stress-reduction journey young can prepare them for a healthier adult life!




Treating little people takes special care, and a different approach to massage therapy.  During an intake, questions will be directed first to the kiddo, because if they can answer for themselves, they should! This allows them to feel confident, heard and part of their health care plan.  Parents, you'll be there through the whole treatment! And please do fill in any blanks.  Next, we will do some gentle assessments to determine what is going on, and prepare a treatment plan for the child.  Children generally receive treatment over the clothes, unless they request to undress - at which time they are ALWAYS covered by proper draping of sheets.  Generally the pressure of the treatment is much lighter, and treatment lengths are shorter.


Jess has trained with the world renowned Tina Allen of the Liddle Kidz Foundation, and has passed her knowledge to her team members!  Kids feel comfortable in our therapists' presence, as we strive to create a warm and fun environment for them to be treated in.  No scary appointments here!

Initial appointments are 60 minutes to ensure a proper intake can be completed, and follow up appointments are generally 45 minutes unless otherwise determined. 



Competitive sports means pain, no matter how safe they are! If your child is in a sport more than once a week, chances are they could benefit from massage.  Therapeutic treatments can help ease growing pains, increase flexibility and aid recovery from injuries. We have treated competitive hockey players, professional dancers and even a budding tennis star.  No matter what the sport, we will listen to your child, determine what is causing them pain, and  help them on their journey to becoming a pro!



Being sick isn't fun, but being a kid and being sick is even worse.  

To offset the bad, consider integrating massage into your child's care.  We have taken in-depth courses in Cancer Care and Children to ensure you can feel safe doing so.  Touch therapy can help boost the immune system, increase a sense of wellbeing with your child and help combat the depression illness can cause.  



Did you know massage can be an excellent therapy for kids with Special Needs? Our team provides care for all patients, whether they are non-mobile, non-verbal or have issues focusing and relaxing.

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Rett’s, Down Syndrome, Muscular Distrophies, ADHD & ADD are just a few of the conditions that can benefit from massage therapy.

Treatments can aid in releasing muscle tightness, decrease stress levels, increase movement abilities and help teach children how to communicate when they are feeling pain!

Did you know that most insurance companies cover massage for children? Give them a call, and book in today!