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Evelyn Faye Memorial Program: Text

From day one, Same Stars Wellness has been focused on offering care to those who need it most.  The mission of our organization is to provide massage therapy and paramedical care to those with complex conditions, those who cannot easily access safe and effective treatment in a typical clinic.

We also understand that having a child with a life-threatening illness or complex condition can cause financial strain on a family, as parents may have to take a step back from work in order to care for their child.  This strain should not result in children missing out on the opportunity to have massage therapy as a complimentary treatment to their medical care.

Our founder Jess had the opportunity to treat Evelyn before she passed away after a hard-fought battle with Neuroblastoma.  She brought light and laughter to every appointment – even when she felt horrible.  

Evelyn was incredibly passionate about making sure others were taken care of and we are passing on the gift of complimentary massage therapy in her honour.

This program allows children who are undergoing treatment for a terminal or life-altering condition to access massage therapy with our therapists - free of charge.  We offer this program on a quarterly basis to ensure we have time in our schedule to dedicate the proper amount of care to the kiddos.

Our team will review all submissions and selection will be based on a number of factors including availability, condition type (massage therapy may be contraindicated for some medical conditions) and access to care.

Please nominate a child you think could benefit from this program with the contact form below.  We will contact you with a questionnaire shortly.

Evelyn Faye Memorial Program: Mission


Thanks for submitting!

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